Different Side of the Same Coin

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Nagios
  • Perl
  • RHEL
  • RRDTool
  • VMWare Fusion
  • YUI
  • Frontend
  • Full-Stack


Added RIA functionality to an enterprise monitoring-as-a-service replacement for Nagios


  • Joined development late in the game but got up-to-speed and implemented features and bugfixes in a web-based, custom MVC architecture using JavaScript and Perl
  • Won a naming competiton for branding the product


To leverage my skills and experience from developing web apps for monitoring at the enterprise level, I joined a peer team which had been providing the service engineers of Yahoo with a white-box solution paired with Nagios.

In a bid to move away for the costly distributed model of federated service engineering, our team was tasked with providing a centralized enterprise solution. I contributed as a front-end engineer and implemented features in a custom Perl MVC framework.

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com