Overhauled NUX

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Worked with Visual Desinger to implement a completely new NUX.


Our NUX had seen a revamp in the previous major refresh, but we tackled it for a re-design in order to:

  1. give our newly-onboarded Visual Designer an opportunity to get his hands dirty with crafting a visual identity direction and
  2. get a sense of the effort for introducing a new layout as it would eventually affect two very heterogenous apps

What it was like before:

NUX before

Here's a first pass as I took the Designer's vision and implemented it as a new layout, complete with Zendesk API integration to create a ticket on form post:

NUX iteration

If you login to CrowdFlower, you can see the final product at https://make.crowdflower.com/welcome

NUX final

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com