Prototyping @ TRR

  • Architecting
  • Contributing
  • Leading
  • Prototyping


Ran point to evaluate potential value-added features.


  • Proposed and shepherded build-out of Rules Engine POC (using Wongi) to simplify item pricing; abandoned because of time constraints.
  • POC'd CMS in Rails for Marketing/Merchandising
    • demo'd same to C-suite
    • when requirements changed, evaluated/prototyped against several CaaS vendors (e.g. Prismic, Kentico Cloud, Contentful)
    • built project plan for engineers to carry forward
  • In support of a strategic initiative towards increasing supply, ideated MVP for converting demand-side user into supply-side
    • threw-together a link with a popup and beaconing usage via Segment
    • then worked with Product and Design to flesh out a full feature
    • managed a remote team to to get it across the finish line
  • During Hackathons:
    • 2017 : created Browser Extension to cross-sell inventory on related retailers, garnering most excitement of all projects presented to execs.
    • 2016 : did preliminary performance engineering research which eventually led to 1s page load reduction in 2017 (see Improving Speed and Conversions)
  • Performed requirements analysis and discovery around 3rd party video chat solutions as a tactical way to increase supply-side engagement/retention
  • Ideated in context of cross-functional guild to beat company plan around yearly supply-side user acquisition.

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com