Planning @ TRR

  • Planning


Contributed strategically and tactically towards planning and executing work.


  • Lacking a company-adopted product management tool, built spreadsheet for tracking engineering efforts as they facilitated delivery against business initiatives and key product priorities (against milestones tracked in Pivotal)
  • Regarding Engineering org's movement towards an Elixir-based SOA:
    • Scoped 50K project plan towards porting all functionality
    • Coordinated efforts of local and remote engineers for prioritized, accelerated port of supply-side acquisition funnel from Rails to Phoenix
  • Provided high-level technical scoping for company’s best-performing (2017) lead-acquisition features:
    • friend referral (via Friendbuy) and
    • reconsignment (e.g. demand-side users selling items they previously bought)
  • Facilitated logistical and technical scoping around periodic (~2x/year) commission rule changes affecting key business metric : cost-of-consignment
  • Upon learning of a shift in business logic potentially adding $x00Ks to the bottom line, worked with a junior engineer to apply an Occam’s Razor approach for planning necessary system changes; empowering said engineer to run point, taking the rest of the team with, delivering functionality without bugs and well ahead of project schedule
  • Led engineering effort around integration of third-party referral program (Friendbuy,) providing guidance that we could deliver in six weeks, then leading post-mortem around process inefficiencies preventing us from delivering before eight weeks
  • Led representation around quality initiatives while interfacing with 3rd-party provider (Rainforest QA)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com