Optimizing @ TRR

  • Optimizing


Quantitatively and qualitatively improved performance around people, quality, and process.


  • Introduced SDLC process improvements:
    • post-mortems (including creation and socialization of standardized template for same throughout Engineering org)
    • technical design reviews : as part of initiative kick-offs towards improving scoping and architecture earlier in the product lifecycle
    • heart-beat deploys and a release calendar : for mitigating release risk while shepherding cultural shift towards feature deploys
    • integration of Zendesk, Pivotal, and Pager Duty : for improving escalation process
    • automated creation of Release Notes
    • coordinated development efforts with Marketing to facilitate Optimizely/OptimizelyX-powered third-party A/B Testing
  • Assisted one web engineering team's to efficiency gains by:
    • increasing velocity 13 to 30pts/sprint (Q4/2017)
    • decreasing sprint Volatility by 62% (to 11%) and Standard Deviation by 15.5pts (to 4.8pts)
    • achieving improved productivity/engineer of 4.47 to 6.54pts/sprint (H1/2017)
  • Improved QA processes by:
    • introducing idea of managing issues by severity (minor, major, critical)
    • basing on usage data from Google Analytics, established gold and silver tier browsers for effective due-diligence around ensuring quality desktop and mobile web experiences
    • templatizing (and socializing) bug and feature story creation to improve information collection, team coordination, and hand-off of stories
    • mentoring junior and Lead QA Engineers
    • reducing 35% of JS errors logged in Bugsnag (by updating config to not report 3rd party errs)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com