Managing @ TRR

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Rails 4
  • eCommerce
  • Managing
  • Recruiting


Led 21 Software and QA Engineers across seven web/mobile engineering teams (incl. in Russia, Canada, Central America) for:
  • web : Rails 4/vanilla JS/Resque/MySQL/ElasticSearch on Heroku
  • mobile: iOS and Android


  • Filled capacities of: Release Manager, (acting) Lead Engineer, Technical Recruiter, Scrum Master, Software Architect, Senior Engineering Representative (C-suite,) and Manager.
  • Partnered with HR to:
    • identify ways to plan direct reports’ performance improvements while effectively managing reports through direct communication and engagement when issues arise; crafting Performance Improvement Plans as necessary
    • start the engineering internship program in a bid to recruit highly-engaged, motivated potential future junior engineers; bringing on and coaching a female CS major from Columbia
    • to ensure diligence around off-boarding consultancy in favor of a more performant agency
  • Increased capacity by:
    • collaboratively establishing and tracking against 2017 objectives while engaging direct reports through periodic 1:1s as well as yearly performance reviews, including providing feedback as part of peripheral teams’ review processes
    • making introduction to highly-performant near- (Canada) and offshore (Russia) teams to augment local web teams while organizing and managing engineers and deliverables
    • fielding request to procure more resources on a Tuesday, re-established communication to previously-contacted near-shore agency immediately thereafter, and by Friday of that week, had a contract signed for two engineers to start two weeks later
    • facilitated Agile SDLC through leading standups, backlog grooming, commitment-based sprint planning, and retrospectives
  • Increased engagement by:
    • mentoring junior engineer in taking on time-sensitive accounting change having major impact to business and shepherded that effort to complete without bugs while meeting the deadline
    • organizing company-culture events for promoting team spirit (holiday party, cocktail contests, bowling, bocce, Exploratorium)
    • doing daily code reviews of teams' PRs
    • drafted leveling plan
  • Adapted to challenging circumstances:
    • when Web QA Engineer suddenly left, overtook QA, taking inventory of Ghost Inspector, Runscope, and TestPad while leading evaluation efforts around Rainforest QA and then on-boarding seasoned replacement
    • continued the search after multiple Lead engineer candidates ghosted or otherwise fell off the radar after I made an offer, including the time after a candidate accepted job offer only then to inform us the day before he was to start that he had accepted another offer
    • shepherded months-long-overdue supply-side user acquisition feature into production (which had been built by third party vendor but then mothballed) by delegating to senior engineer for verification
  • Provided research support around investor’s due diligence of SDLC metrics, teams’ productivity, and intellectual property
  • Evaluated dev work towards long-term financial capitalization
  • Made introductions leading to offers for data science intern and candidate for Director of Estate Sales.
  • Supported business's most-important monthly accounting processes
  • Participated in Erlang and Elixir Factory 2017 and Google I/O 2017

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com