Working Together @ TRR

  • Collaborating


Built rapport with business partners (Product Managers, Designers, Marketing) and subordinates to get work done.


  • Facilitated smooth cross-team interactions towards scoping and delegating engineering work for:
    • Black Friday/Cyber Monday
    • modifications to supply-side NUX towards increased signups
      • first in altering/improving the basic flow
      • then while incorporating different verticals (Art & Home)
    • conversion of non-responsive UIs to responsive
    • shipping/up-sell through Narvar
    • payment processing through Hyperwallet
    • analytics reporting shift from Snowplow to Segment
    • Google Tag Manager modifications/optimizations
    • cross-browser test coverage of business critical paths through Rainforest QA
    • shoppability/conversion usability improvements (e.g. faceted navigation filters)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com