Test Question Project Planning

  • Spreadsheets
  • Architecting
  • Collaborating
  • Leading
  • Managing
  • Planning


Laid the groudwork for a complete overhaul of the frontend aspect of crowdsourced quality


  • establish success criteria (and risks) for project
  • diagrammed the current state of key components of the architecture
  • synthesized learnings from current (as well as outdated) docs towards understanding infrastrcture
  • shopped technical ideas around with lead engineers, VP Prod, VP Engr to get buy-in
  • crafted user stories for engineers towards delivering against project milestones


Test Questions have long been the quality assurance mechanism of the CrowdFlower platform.

The interactivity behind them was created around 2008 in MooTools as part of a Merb application; that interactivity was never ported, even as the company increasingly adopted Rails and jQuery. For over three years, discussion has been of porting the Test Question interface out of Merb (the last presentation-layer in that app) and into a company-standard Rails app. Given the expected amount of effort with little user-benefitting ROI to be realized for simply a straight port, it's easy to understand why it had only ever remained a discussion.

Finally, in April, 2016, the stars aligned when the VP of Product expressed a desire to spend time on improving Test Questions usability while the VP of Engineering decided the time was right for moving forward on a micro-service architecture, dividing "frontend" and "backend" responsibilities accordingly. I seized on the opportunity (without being mandated to do so) because I saw that we could kill two birds with one stone

Following is an inventory (I created the initial format for) of JS libs across three different routes (completed by a junior engineer):


I then used this inventory in conjunction with a Jira report to help scope the effort and parcel out work to likely candidates, an example of which can be seen below:

Example Sprint Assignments

Finally, I tracked progress in a wiki page, providing status updates to key stakeholders.

Project Overview

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com