• Bootstrap 3
  • Flat UI
  • PostCSS
  • Rails
  • Sass
  • Architecting
  • Frontend
  • Full-Stack
  • Leading
  • Managing
  • Planning
  • Prototyping


Architected homogenous visual design solution for consistent brand identity across two legacy apps (Merb/Rails 3.2) and a new Rails 4.2 app.


  • organized work of four engineers (two local incl. CTO, two remote) as tech lead while planning (and tracking against) engineering sprints and deliverables over two months
  • created 'gold standard' reference page
  • created novel solution for updating styles of Merb app 'downstream' from Rails app
  • iterated with Design to take Styleguide from concept to reality
  • adapted to major external disruption as codebase was 12-factored by peer team


In late August 2015, given previous successes in the year, I was tapped to lead the engineering team for delvering a visual identiy refresh (in conjunction with conference-ready AI deliverable) by early October.

Week 1

  • took Bootstrap 3/Flat UI/custom styling from Designer and created a static page as 'gold standard' for other engineers to reference
  • identified priority routes on which the new design would need to be rolled out
reference page

Week 2

  • created a new layout for and and began rolling out new design on the Rails app
  • drafted a plan for updating the Merb app seamlessly
  • began to onboard other engineers

Weeks 3-5

  • prototyped and tested the idea for asset precompiling in the Rails app and replacing the base assets of the Merb app
  • continued polishing
  • guided other engineers on implementation
  • continued polishing

Week 6

  • coordinated bug-free deploy in conjunction with Marketing (who was working for similarly refreshing the third-party-hosted home page)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com