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No users, no business - to improve conversion rates in the context of our four-step signup, I've implemented numerous experiments in the form of A/B tests


  • Implemented several experiments that increased signup conversion by 3-10%
  • Refactored workflow engine while pairing to enable signup for alternative flows used in A/B testing


Shop It To Me


Our four-page flow has proven itself time and again, but in order to drive even more signups, I've put in experiments on:

  • the number and styles of brands a user can choose from (step two)
  • the messaging (copy) and layout (throughout signup)
  • the types and number of mandatory sizes and categories a user must choose (step three)
  • the form fields of the profile creation (step four, final)
  • content and layout of the confirmation email received by the user
  • ...and others

Below you'll find just a sample of these kinds of experiments.

Here are three of the five variations on our final step, the profile page, in a bid to leverage the SSO benefits of FB Connect (click for larger views):

For one experiment in the signup process, we attempted to simplify choosing brands by creating style profiles. The idea was to make it easier for users to signup based on some curated indices (click for a larger view):

Here are a couple of the many landing-page variations we've tried when a potential new user is referred from a friend (click for larger view.)

In the following example, we have the original confirmation email as contrasted with a simple design (of my own) I implemented (design and implementation as email in one hour, click for larger assets/images.)


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