Scrum Master

  • Rails
  • Managing
  • Optimizing
  • Planning


Acted as Scrum Master in addition to IC and Tech Lead responsibilities.


  • Used a data-driven paradigm to achieve, over 30 sprints, in spite of violatility due to recruiting, attrition, and changing priorities:
    • 69% improvement (35 -> 59 pts/sprint) trailing 3 sprint average
    • 40% improvement (35 -> 49 pts/sprint) overall average
  • Organized and ran bi-weekly sprint planning and retro meetings
  • Groomed a junior Scrum Master into the role


Adopting Agile methodologies and nomencalture, our team chose to make sprint commitments in points (using Fibonacci numbers.)

Seeing an opportunity to use discipline towards making our performance go up-and-to-the-right, I began tracking some key metrics in a spreadsheet, some of which are displayed below:

Example Data

Figuring that the data would resonately at a gut level if visualized, I charted it as well:

Veloctiy Graph

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com