Web-Based Data Warehousing Tool

  • ASP
  • JavaScript
  • MDX
  • MS Analysis Services
  • SQL Server
  • Analysis
  • Database
  • Frontend


Implemented a web-based, SQL Server-driven data warehousing solution for sales reporting using OLAP technology


  • Successfully upgraded customer's reports one-for-one and gave customer greater insight on sales data
  • Created OLAP tools to pull and aggregate sales data on a daily basis


The customer had been using static reports in the form of data cubes embedded in a VB 6.0 application. When he asked for a web-based way to view the information more dynamically, we chose OWC PivotTables as the way to go.

To realize the customer's request, I created several cubes under MS Analysis Services and hooked them to PivotTables embedded in a web-page.

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com