NUX Refresh

  • Bootstrap
  • React
  • React-Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • Frontend
  • Prototyping


Re-imagined the New User Experience as a React component


  • iterated quickly given static mock from Design and realized UI
  • deprecated legacy 3rd party JS lib usage (Guiders) in favor of re-imagined UX with React


The NUX for the people doing work on the CrowdFlower platform has been around for two years.


Time for a refresh! Given the following from Design:

Static Hi-Res Asset per Design

... I set about improving the NUX.

First, I could see the difference in the pre- and post- and decided to remove the dependency on Guiders, a lib that has long served CrowdFlower well. Then, given the design, I saw we could realize the implementation quickly with a Twitter Bootstrap Modal. Going a step further, I also realized it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce React (and even React-Bootstrap) on a small scale in a Rails app where it did not yet exist.

After several copy changes, this was the final Deliverable:


(specs were not unfortunately not created in conjunction with the delivered product given the scope they would have added to the original ticket.)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com