The Nuclear Information Portal

  • Java
  • Livelink WCM
  • Analysis
  • APIs
  • Collaborating
  • Full-Stack
  • Planning
  • Prototyping


Led requirements gathering and implemented modular components for the authoritative web resource on scientific and technical nuclear information


  • Met with and built buy-in among information stakeholders
  • Abstracted the business processes of the organization to the 50,000 ft view
  • Utilized user-centered methods to inform the design of the portal
  • Implemented the beta version using OpenText, LiveLink, and Java APIs for each




At the end of 2004, the IAEA had well over 200 scientific and technical information resources (e.g. databases, websites, applications, etc.)

In order to reduce the effort to maintain these (saving time for graphic designers, software engineers, DBAs, and resource custodians alike,) a single portal was conceived and made a priority deliverable for the IT and MIS sections.

As the Lead Information Architect, I was responsible for gathering technical details about the resources, supporting the technical architect, and driving the design behind the user experience.

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com