Setting the Bar

  • Frontend
  • Optimizing


Thought-led and built buy-in for which KPIs product engineers should be concerned with


  • introduced quarterly data-driven engineering and performance metrics as new team paradigm


Prior to Q2 2016, the team had supported Product's goals for delivering feature-value without ever considering engineering goals (better code quality/maintainability, page performance, workflow improvement, etc.) I took initiative to flesh out high-level deliverables for the quarter.

Below is an example of a set of performance metrics around the most-highly-trafficked page on the platform.

metrics as tracked

Though we didn't meet this particular goal for the quarter - mostly because of a move to Webpack from Require.js in late-April and then the introduction of React on the page in mid-May - the simple fact that the data was being tracked represented a major paradigm shift towards that of being a data-driven team, whether around page performance OR engineering deliverables.

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