Major UI Port

  • Webpack
  • Architecting
  • Collaborating
  • Frontend
  • Leading
  • Managing
  • Planning


Led the company's larget-ever UI port (around its quality assurance mechanism)


  • created (and got buy-in from VP Engineering and VP Product for) iterative project plan
  • presented plan and successive updates to team leads on weekly basis
  • led discussions around possible architectures, settling on static asset management and Webpack'd bundles
  • authored and scoped tickets and strategy around effort
  • guided two seasoned engineers to implement strategy


A remnant of the legacy codebase from the company's origins eight years ago, the two most important routes on the platform for quality assurance had never been moved from the company's original Merb app to its companion (upgraded) Rails experience (back when a first movement towards SOA happened three years prior.)

They were rightly regarded with trepidation given their dependence on MooTools when the rest of the platform had been moved to jQuery, especially as the Jasmine suite for their coverage had been mothballed about 18 months before and those same MooTools libs were tightly-coupled between two platform applications.

Towards a future of less frontend tech debt, I seized on the opportunity to champion and shepherd the project (as a Q2 engineering goal) through to completion. Over the course of three months, I led the effort around project scoping, weekly communication around engineering effort, and architecting and leading the implementation, interfacing with Product and Design to ensure quality in light of the absent test coverage.

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com