Legacy App Port

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Merb
  • Rails
  • Architecting
  • Collaborating
  • Planning
  • SOA


Secured adoption by CTO, VP Product, Lead Systems Engineer, and VP Engineering for use of project plan to port view layer from legacy Merb app to Rails app.


  • Created project plan to port routes from legacy Merb app to Rails app
  • Built consensus for plan
  • Came up with clever codename for initiative
  • Managed junior engineers during port


In the Spring of 2015, seven years after the company's inception and three years after the intital movement towards an SOA paradigm and away from the monolith Merb app (essential to the company's business,) the architectual shift was still not finished.

Towards further paying down the tech debt of needing to maintain that app, I lobbied for, organized, and oversaw the extraction of the final presentation layer components into a more modern, more maintainable Rails app.

While not quite the magnitude of the previous major refresh, I recognized it would still be a mammoth effort. In order to attack the port, I created a spreadsheet project plan, inventorying all platform routes torwards prioritizing for the eight most-important, portable, customer-facing routes.

initial version of project plan

Following is a before-and-after example of what was achieved across those eight routes over four months.

example route in Legacy (Merb) app
example route in Rails app after port

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