• Bootstrap 3
  • Flat UI
  • Heroku
  • Merb
  • Rails 3
  • Rails 4
  • Sass
  • Architecting
  • Frontend
  • Full-Stack
  • Leading
  • Managing


Led team in coordination with CTO to deliver AI application (Rails 4.2) for company-sponsored conference on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science.


  • Became familiar with Machine Learning paradigm of new Rails 4.2 app
  • Worked with Product and Design to rapidly iterate (given progressively higher resolution mockups) towards a realization of the entire Information Architecture
  • Acted as tech lead
  • Organized work of four engineers (two local incl. CTO, two remote) while planning (and tracking against) engineering sprints and deliverables over two months
  • Provided weekly progress updates to C-suite


Announcing CrowdFlower AI


In late August 2015, given previous successes in the year, I was tapped to lead the engineering team for delvering a conference-ready AI deliverable by early October.

In the months leading up to that, the CTO had been prototyping an intial verion of the app in Rails 4.2 which, for the conference, was to supposed to be integrated with other legacy apps (Rails 3.2 and Merb) and have its UI overhauled to be compliant with the newly-created company Styleguide.

Week 1

  • Given Balsamiq wireframes, put together a few layouts
  • Put basic routes in place
  • Began architecting common styling solution between AI app and legacy apps
basics coming together

Week 2

  • Continued work on common styling
  • Made choices aobut JS libs and prototyped interactions given wireframes; got buyin from CTO, Product, and Design
  • Began work integrating with ML Python web service
first index page of models

Week 3

  • Given higher-resolution mockups by Designer, started to polish look-and-feel
  • With architecture in place, began to parcel work out to other engineers
first version of export

Week 4

  • As conference neared, knew we weren't going to be able to deliver everything; worked with Product to focus on MVP
  • Oversaw work of other engineers
adding data to the model

Week 5

  • Continued to lead other engineers and refine interactions
annotating a model

Week 6

  • Applied final polish
  • Delivered for the conference! Following are a few screenshots demonstrating some of the deliverables:

basic model landing page
machine predictions for sentiment analysis (Feb 2016)
model show page
prediction specifics (Feb 2016)

anthony at bluxomelabs dot com